stator vanes

The stationary vanes either in a compressor or a turbine.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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  • variable-angle stator vanes — Compressor stator vanes whose angle can be varied. The angle is controlled by the fuel control unit. Varying the stator vane angle ensures that the air directed to the first stage of the compressor meets the compressor at an optimum angle and… …   Aviation dictionary

  • stator — [1] A small hub, upon which a series of vanes are affixed in a radial position, that is so placed that oil leaving the torque converterturbine strikes the stator vanes and is redirected into the pump at an angle conducive to high efficiency. The… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • stator casing — The outer engine casing that houses either the compressor or the turbine stator vanes. See casing (ii) …   Aviation dictionary

  • stator — i. Stationary diffuser vanes in an axial flow compressor, which convert the kinetic energy into pressure energy. See stator blade. ii. The stationary part of an electrical machine such as an alternator or a motor. iii. The discs in multiple disc… …   Aviation dictionary

  • variable pitch stator — A stator that has vanes that may be adjusted to various angles depending on load conditions. The vane adjustment will increase or decrease the efficiency of the stator …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • nozzle guide vanes — The stator blades of a turbine. They are convex and shaped like airfoils. They direct the airflow onto the turbine blades while at the same time converting pressure energy into kinetic energy. Gases coming from the combustion chamber pass through …   Aviation dictionary

  • turbine stator — A ring of fixed blades upstream of each turbine rotor stage, onto which the turbine stators direct gas at an optimum angle. Also called inlet guide vanes. See inlet guide vanes and turbine nozzle …   Aviation dictionary

  • turbine — /terr bin, buyn/, n. any of various machines having a rotor, usually with vanes or blades, driven by the pressure, momentum, or reactive thrust of a moving fluid, as steam, water, hot gases, or air, either occurring in the form of free jets or as …   Universalium

  • Turbine — A turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a fluid flow. Claude Burdin (1788 1873) coined the term from the Latin turbo , or vortex, during an 1828 engineering competition. Benoit Fourneyron (1802 1867), a student of Claude Burdin,… …   Wikipedia

  • Turboglide — The Turboglide is a Chevrolet three speed automatic transmission that made its debut as an optional transmission on Chevrolet V8 passenger cars for 1957. It consisted of a concurrently geared (as opposed to sequentially) planetary gearbox with a… …   Wikipedia

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